Bill & Marie Craig

Beekeeper & Owners

Marie and Bill have been married almost forty years. They both taught the same subjects in the same school district for the entirety of their careers, most of the time in the same building, and for several years in adjoining rooms! They really know how to work together. Bill & Marie retired and in 2005 moved to North Carolina to be closer to their daughter. They purchased an old grist mill and abandoned store building and worked together for a year renovating the store. They opened Bees’ Knees Country Store in November, 2006. Shortly afterward, they began construction on what would be Run of the Mill Bed & Breakfast. In the summer of 2009, Marie and Bill moved into Run of the Mill Bed & Breakfast, which overlooks the Weldon’s Mill, dam, and pond. They worked for more than a year landscaping the property and furnishing the house and in late 2010, Run of the Mill Bed & Breakfast finally opened!

After all the decisions made together and all the work done together over the years, Bill thinks the marriage may last – as long as he continues to say, “yes, dear!” Marie has no comment.

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